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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Cost Construction Study

The Pennsylvania Concrete Masonry Association expedited a third party study of “Initial Cost of Construction – Multi-Residential Structures”, in order to get this information to designers, owners and developers. Check out the full article here!

Williamson College

In a week spent at the State Penitentiary with Local #1, IMI, Pullman SST and EBA, Williamson College of the Trade Students experienced OSHA awareness, on the job training, and support from the industry players!


At Drexel University’s awards dinner to honor Senior Awards and Sigma Lambda Chi Honor Society, Keast & Hood received a special honor for their involvement with the Academy of Music. Their engineering process was documented in a special video, “To Preserve These Walls”. It truly was a night to remember with for all future engineers and attendees.

Regional Competition

From Maine to Maryland- Brick, Stone, CMU, PCC and Tile, all had a chance to win “Best in the Region” at the regional competition held at Local #1. It was a perfect day with the weather and camaraderie!

Lunch with Legends

A piece of EBA history! EBA’s Senior Lunch, or a Lunch with Legends, was started by Fred Chiarlanza about 8 years ago to bring the retired individuals from the industry and those still involved together for an afternoon of stories and laughter.