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Industry Updates

How does Concrete Masonry…

• Reclaim lost market share?
• Build demand for better and stronger structures?
• Promote resilient building solutions?

Block producers across the U.S. have been thinking about how to tackle these opportunities and more. And with each program idea, comes the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their businesses and in their communities. No single producer can impact the kind of industry-wide change needed for their business, but, collectively, producers CAN make that happen. Comprehensive and coordinated programs funded with our CMU Checkoff will bring us meaningful and tangible outcomes. But this only happens with everyone paying their fair share and with the ability to have real and consistent funding.

What could those programs look like?

CM Checkoff has captured the ideas shared by many of you over the last 18 months. They are also presenting them to the first CMU Checkoff board of directors. See what’s on the horizon with the following list.


To receive a ballot, you must send an email to: Mike Thompson [email protected] and include the name and title of the company representative who will cast the ballot, plus phone number, email and mailing address.

Prior to the start of the referendum, producers that provide their information to the Department of Commerce will be prompted to submit their Employee Identification Number (EIN) to complete the registration process.


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