How We Win Back Markets and Drive New Demand

Industry Updates

Ten years ago, leaders from the concrete masonry industry imagined what the world could look like if producers worked together to elevate the perception and drive demand for block producers. They looked at what other industries had done to market, promote and innovate new technologies and the return on investment it brought back to producers in the form of new demand and new markets.

After nearly a decade of work, the vision of those producers is become a reality. The masonry industry is in the final steps of establishing a national checkoff. The draft Order to implement a concrete masonry checkoff is live on the Federal Register. The registration and voting process is being finalized for public comment and producers are likely to be voting before the end of this year.

What does that mean for the future of concrete masonry? With a national checkoff, the masonry industry can work together to win back market share lost to softwood, steel and other materials, build new demand for block products, research and innovate new technologies and products, and promote masonry the product of choice for safe and resilient communities.

“Checkoff programs implemented through the US Department of Agriculture have long benefitted both producers and consumers by providing broad promotion, research and education channels at no added cost to taxpayers.”

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